Senate poised to vote today on the Something Act of 2017: But how can they vote if they don’t know what they’re voting for? (420 character 9-liner)

“Because” used to be what the little kids would reply

when we’d ask why they were doing some dangerous,

happy, sweet, naughty, ridiculous, unfair whatever.

But today the Senate will begin floor debate

on whatever the something is;

a procedural move allowing Mitch to bring up something else,

that will be debated and amended to the something so that

50 million of us will have no insurance by 2026. WHY?

Just Because.


Note from Patty: John McCain will return today to vote. Trump is tweeting and railing to the Boy Scouts. A lobbying blitz is pushing members not to be the vote that slows down repeal and replace. Millions will suffer. Call your Congressman.