Here’s the ad for Carrs of Carlisle biscuits… just in time for the summer wedding season of 1956.

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The copy reads: Today is her day of days — tomorrow she will be a housewife. And she will want everything of the best for her home and husband.

Ah, the misogynistic days of the 50s.  I hope we’ve finally shunned the H-word and its image of domestic drudgery.

Married to a house? Is there a Facebook status for that?

Oh wait. It is the twenty-tens. We’re all just bumblin’ through together. 

Put on your lipstick and smile. Meet Babylonia Aivaz and her bride-to-be.

 Do you take this warehouse? 


Toni 7/13/17

The Good Wife Rules, pub. 1955



6 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

    1. you’ve come along way, baby! my mom was a 50s housewife, she ironed sheets and towels and handkerchiefs in the heat of summer while roasting meat for dinner with only a small fan for relief. No words needed, i knew this was not in my future.

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  1. I’d have been a total and utter failure of a wife back in the 50’s, judging from the 1955 rules, at least. Actually, I don’t think anyone would have married me in the first place back then.

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  2. My mother did the housewife gig in the 40’s, but by the 50’s she was running the various newspapers she and my dad owned, and in the early 60’s when she read Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, she had a name for the feminist movement she was living. Bless her for showing us ‘the way’.

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