Shady forest undergrowth & thickets:

I love to poke around in such

but worry that forest clear-cutting for pipelines makes its denizens vulnerable

like that fancy Canada Warbler with its necklace of short stripes,

its yellow chest, throat & belly, striking white spectacles

that I spotted flushing insects from foliage

while foraging on twigs & leaves.

Lovely, but threatened by forest fragmentation,

not enough shady.


NOTE FROM PATTY: This week demonstrators were arrested at Otis State Forest as the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company started cutting trees for their gas project. This will be a four-mile swath through state forest. I don’t think that we can sit by and watch during this time of climate crisis. Halting pipeline construction is part of the whole climate and environmental justice movement.

4 thoughts on “Pipeline protesters (Sugar Shack Alliance) are arrested and pledge non-violent resistance to fossil fuel development; the Canada Warbler thanks them. A 420 character 9-liner

  1. You are absolutely right! Pipelines are not good for warblers and other creatures! How would humans like it if someone arbitrarily destroyed their home and put a gigantic pipe through where their home once stood?


    1. I drive through Otis and marvel at the dense beauty of this woods. Pipelines and Pine Trees? Not a good mix. Interestingly, oil and gas aimed for CT isn’t really needed according to a recent analysis. On the other hand, there’s lots of education to do here: residents near a proposed solar farm in Simsbury just registered their disapproval of such. I don’t get it. I look at my solar roof and think “it’s beautiful.”


  2. I love reading about gutsy people who just get out there and do the job. The protesters of this particular pipeline didn’t want to be arrested for a lesser charge because they wanted an airing of the issue in court. Courage.


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