IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE #weekendcoffeeshare

Hey, Let’s have a cuppa and Just, you know, make fun of stuff.

If we were having coffee, I’d spill the beans. I’d fess up to voraciously consuming this sitcom about four misanthropes and their zany views of everything and everyone, even themselves.


Recently I added Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee to my queue.


And then I noticed WordPress posts beginning with the line “If we were having coffee….”

It seems that bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. *Waves* to this buoying bunch, happy to meet y’all.

Mostly I live in Connecticut but am mad for the eternal sunshine of Florida. Aside from spending hours with books, I get a kick out of insane yoga poses, any film with Al Pacino in it, world travel, making things grow, 85% organic dark chocolate, and a succulent Barolo.  I don’t like pepperoni, loud noises, and grey skies.

I know every word to Desperado (no shame) and have a Netflix subscription, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

Currently I’m listening to this and this, and reading this.

And I’m itching to hit the road.

Last weekend I got a wicked bite from an insect/spider(?). I moved off the pavement to avoid a truck and stepped into a mulchy-scrub area. I felt an excruciating ‘sting’ – curses! –  swatted the nasty nuisance away and kept going. But whatever took that chunk out of me set off a walloping allergic reaction.

Rash, itch, pain,ugh. Blotches and welts and red marks spread over both arms and legs. So I got a shot.

And a prednisone pack and topical cream from my dermatologist, a one pound jar?!?! that looks like it’s enough for a water buffalo. I hope to see the back end of this mishap sooner than later. It’s ugly, unpleasant, and annoying. There won’t be any five-milers for a while but I find that driving to breakfast/lunch/dinner soothes the cranky self.

So I’ve had lots of couch time to focus on the dull and necessary dross of life.

During my little crisis (ahem), I put my long ( aka big girl) pants on, checked emails, and listened to stultifying politicians and wall streeters.  The To-Do List? Done.  Another coffee? Why not. I have a latte on my mind.

Oh, and there was plenty of time for binge-watching. Seinfeld is my now-and-forever-feel-good show but I stumbled onto the Aussie series Offspring.

It’s the story of the impossible loves of a 30-something obstetrician, Nina Proudman, and her messy family. It’s warm and comforting and complicated. Can you tell I’m hooked?


The dermatologist is calm.  She says let’s watch and wait. Until Monday.

I’m doing my best not to be a difficult patient.


Thanks for stopping by for a cuppa.

Wanna espresso yourself? Tag your post #weekendcoffeeshare.  And take life one cup at time.

Toni 3/26/17