Just start.

I want to heave out the multiple oxen

in multiple ditches no matter the way.  Where to begin?

The problems of the current administration stun me to stillness.

So, to gather energy to take the deep dives

I take lessons from the Ring-necked Duck.

It CAN dive 30 feet for tasty morsels motored just by its feet,

but it starts with the smartweed, waterlily,& sedge seed in the first 5 feet of water.

Just start.


4 thoughts on “Trying to deal with the administration we currently have? Trying to pick which action to do first and most? Take a lesson from the Ring-necked Duck. (a 420 character 9-liner)

  1. You do know who gave me that line back in the day, right, Toni? Yes, the man I live with who was, BTW, also the source of the opening anecdote for those before school writing workshops: 6th man, curtain in the tub stories?


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