A Raymond Story told in 420 characters and 9-lines. (I’m thinking to see if I can tell a slew of them in “my” peculiar genre.)

I never told

when my hand-me-down panties w/ the frayed elastic fell down

& I walked out of them, chin up, never missing a step;

while behind me, Converse AllStars, penny loafers,& white bucks

scuffed them along the packed halls of Salem Classical.

But then it was slips & petticoats

Mum mostly insisted upon for my sisters & me,

for a reason we knew had something to do with modesty, being good,

& boys; so I never told.


(Toward the end of the 50’s as I went through K-8 Horace Mann Training School into Salem Classical and High School, these would have been on the hi fi back in our den where I was supposedly practicing cello.)