If you are cringing right now, you’ll know how I felt my entire year of high school geometry.

But, hey, it’s National Pi Day, the nerdiest of days.   It’s the one day a year when we take time to eat pie reflect on the mysterious and endlessly cool constant that circles around us.

It’s a day for fun and frolic. Yes, math phobics, even for us. And, clearly, there’s pie.


At first, Pi Day was gimmicky, but now it’s a gone-rampant big deal. Have you signed up for a Pi mile race yet?

Pi is everywhere ~ The Simpsons and Star Trek, The Matrix, and, of course, the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Math games, anyone?

There’s even a new literary form called a ‘piem.’ It’s a poem where the length of each word is the same as the number in the pi sequence. For example, here’s a baudy little ditty, written by British mathematician Sir James Jeans in the early twentieth century, to remember the first fifteen digits.

How I want a drink,

Alcoholic of course,

After the heavy lectures

Involving quantum mechanics.


There’s plenty of pi-tunes out there but have a listen to this English singer and songwriter. Kate Bush is known for her expressive four-octave soprano voice…and idiosyncratic lyrics.

 So, what are you doing that’s chic-unique for National Pi Day?


  Toni 3/14/17


Toni 3/14/17


  1. I love this post, Toni. I wish our Governor had read it before he told CT to stay home and make brownies on PI day of all things!!
    PS Dear Readers? I can attest to Toni’s amazing ability to make pie and BTW she was an amazing math teacher. Go figure. (Ronnie? A pun just for you.)


    1. You mean the Gov that’s putting our retirement more at risk? Increasing taxes? Taxing nonprofits like hospitals? Reducing tax credits for the working poor? Eliminating assistance to hospitals, health benefits, state-funded home care, closing prisons, resident state trooper programs, college block grants, school construction? Demanding Union givebacks? Ordering mass Layoffs? Billing cities and towns more? The gov that says we rise and fall as one Connecticut? That Gov? Last time I looked, we look more like two Connecticuts – have and have nots. I say, let him eat PI. THX for the compliment, Patty, but my math ability was severely limited, although I always managed to balance my own budget. Go figure, you funny girl. T


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