If you are cringing right now, you’ll know how I felt my entire year of high school geometry.

But, hey, it’s National Pi Day, the nerdiest of days.   It’s the one day a year when we take time to eat pie reflect on the mysterious and endlessly cool constant that circles around us.

It’s a day for fun and frolic. Yes, math phobics, even for us. And, clearly, there’s pie.


At first, Pi Day was gimmicky, but now it’s a gone-rampant big deal. Have you signed up for a Pi mile race yet?

Pi is everywhere ~ The Simpsons and Star Trek, The Matrix, and, of course, the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Math games, anyone?

There’s even a new literary form called a ‘piem.’ It’s a poem where the length of each word is the same as the number in the pi sequence. For example, here’s a baudy little ditty, written by British mathematician Sir James Jeans in the early twentieth century, to remember the first fifteen digits.

How I want a drink,

Alcoholic of course,

After the heavy lectures

Involving quantum mechanics.


There’s plenty of pi-tunes out there but have a listen to this English singer and songwriter. Kate Bush is known for her expressive four-octave soprano voice…and idiosyncratic lyrics.

 So, what are you doing that’s chic-unique for National Pi Day?


  Toni 3/14/17


Toni 3/14/17