Surprise. Long-eared Owl ear tufts stick up like a rabbit’s

& give them an astonished look;

so when they snatch prey in complete darkness, guided only by acute hearing,

they’ve got a built-in default look of WOW.

I get that look when every day there’s a new revelation

that often is the opposite of the day before’s revelation.

It’s like the President is flying in the dark

but w/ bad hearing & no vision.

No surprise.


Magill and Chris took the man I live with and me to MT Lemmon in Tuscon. We saw a Long-eared Owl. Was it a thrill? You bet!

One thought on “Long-eared Owls seem perpetually surprised. Me too, otherwise I’d be normalizing this presidency and that’s dangerous. (a 420 character 9-line poem that juxtaposes the nobel Long-eared Owl with the ignoble.)

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