What can I say? I’m frantic and hunting for a filter

for all that needs doing right now and

whammo! I spy the Northern Shoveler:

Very distinctive glossy green head; black bill and back;

white chest; chestnut-brown flanks and belly; yellow eyes.

NS’s bill is elongated, spoon-shaped

& edged with 110 comblike projections–

a superb tool for straining invertebrates from the water.

Sustenance. Like I need. What can I say!!


5 thoughts on “420 CHARACTER 9-LINER JUXTAPOSES THE NEED FOR FILTERS IN THIS TRUMPED-UP TIME with the Northern Shovelers, experts at filtering the good from the bad.

      1. I’m great! Stumbled on crumplesack in the urban dictionary. It’s Someone who performs less than satisfactorily to the chagrin and sometimes amusement of associates and others. Some word. Welcome back!!!!!


  1. Hi! This spoke to me big-time. In fact, I’m claiming Sunday & Monday for what I call “sacred days.” Or basically holing-up & doing what I feel like, one minute to the next. No planning & no responsibility besides what my hunger & cats demand. I always come out of them focused & light-hearted.

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