Was your snow day like this?

Snowstorm Orson is right on schedule except for a tiny nose of warm air. Uh oh. Greylock Snow Day’s website is the best!

Sunday, February 12, 2017
Storm Update
The storm is right on schedule, and snow has started at the GSD Home Office. But we have one slightly disconcerting piece of information to pass along.

A few models are indicating a nose of warm air will work its way right up the Hudson Valley during this first phase of the storm. This warm air would reduce snow totals buy as much as half…or more. While it ultimately might not impact the snow in Berkshire County, it is still something to watch. If this storm is going to be a bust, that warm air will be the reason.

All of our sources, though, are still indicating that we’re in for a two-day snow event. There’s a massive wall of precipitation to our west, and the storm will redevelop off the coast after midnight. We’re still feeling very good about this storm but some doubt has crept into the equation.

from: http://greylocksnowday.blogspot.com

Note from Patty: Winter storm Orson could also undergo bombogenesis. (You know, readers of WWWW, it’s that thing where powerful low pressure systems intensify rapidly. Hmmm. I’m going to stop here, I feel a 420 character 9-liner weather front coming on. In weather words I’m in the beginning stages of a storm blog piece and it’s called cyclogenesis, the strengthening of an area of low pressure, also called a trough. I like thinking that I’m in a growing trough but am capable of intensifying.