Learning: The Cabinet hearings taught me what we’re up against;

I will use what I’ve learned to help short-circuit their moves.

They represent the exact opposite of what would be

the best leader for each cabinet spot.

Recently I searched for the Rough-legged Hawk &,

while I didn’t find her,

I learned the lay of the nooks & fields over which she perched, swooped, & hunted.

I’ll know where to look next time.





2 thoughts on “Cabinet nominees are getting approved but the hearings help underscore the negatives in each nominee and perhaps a path forward. (420-character 9-line poem)

  1. What is so discouraging to me is it all seems like a farce of going through the motions, and then his nominees are approved regardless. I have no faith in the process anymore. Maybe I never really did.


  2. Kim
    Trump and his ilk (I love spitting that word out) will have won the whole thing if we lose faith in the process.
    see below.

    I heard Chuck Schumer’s take-away on the Cabinet process:

    With such way out candidates it’s important for the American people to get a thorough look at them. The questioning of the candidates helped me do that. The process has established a “predicate.” We didn’t win, as in have the votes to quash the candidates, but we now know how to watch the Cabinet like, er, a hawk. We know what to look out for, what to get ready to take to the airwaves, the ether, the phone lines, the paper, the streets, the headquarters for.




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