The moon! The eclipse! The comet! A 420 CHARACTER 9-LINER

Astronomical happenings make me happy.

Penumbral lunar eclipse. A full Snow Moon. A comet.

Out of this world. If I’ve ever needed the long view,

a perspective, on what’s happening on Earth,

this is it and just at the right time.

So, stargazers, Melania, Resisters, Dems,Republicans, Falcon fans?

Take a deep breath & look out your bedroom window.

It’s a sweet celestial happening Friday, February 10th.

It’s astronomical.



Shadows are fun to capture. I’ve read that the challenge in shooting a picture that has both light and shadow is to get the details without washing out the light or turning the shadow into unrecognizable black area.

Rich shadows make flat images seem 3D. I’m so jealous of Merilee’s skillz. Lucky for me, there’s an edit button.

Walking along the Indian River, I stood on the pier so I could get a better shot of the river.  But it was the play of shadows cast by the metalwork bench that caught my eye.



Version 2


Version 3

Toni 2/10/17