Immigrants nourish our country the way new water from upstream refreshes the banks and streambeds parched from drought (see IMMIGRANTS ANHEUSER-BUSCH AND 84 LUMBER Superbowl ads) 420 character 9-liner

Strong, resilient, & pioneering,

the American Bison is our National Mammal,

but walls keep it from water in Mexico & sweet native grasses in the U.S.

Walls & bans harm humans & Bison.

In 2016  immigrants contributed $2 Trillion to our gross domestic product

while gaining freedom & safety in return.

The Bison fills us with awe.

Without immigrants be they human or Bison,

we aren’t as pioneering, resilient, or strong.


Snow Day. It’s our first blizzard of the season. Very Calming. Here’s what GreylockSnowDay has to say. Talk about citizen scientists!