My last spotting opportunity before flight to the Tundra.

A predator, Northern Shrike impale Chickadees on barbed wire.

As I scan treetops,

I think of the Koch brothers’ plan to spend 300-400 million in the next 2 years

“because we may not have an opportunity again like we have today. ”

So the billionaire brothers gave detailed “or-else” orders* to Congress

to allow Koch** coal ash into rivers, ETC.



* This is the actual Road to Repeal document. Congress is doing exactly what’s on this environmental-regulations-to-roll-back list given out by the Koch brothers. These billionaires are pressing President Trump and Congress to quickly reverse the regs and dirty-up the environment. Or else. )

** The Koch brothers own a conglomerate that sells hundreds of products including gasoline, jet fuel and coal.

3 thoughts on “What could YOU do with 300 to 400 million dollars? Probably you wouldn’t engage in deliberate environmental corruption? a 420 character 9-liner by Patty

  1. This is the Koch brothers (Freedom Partners) Road to Repeal document. It reads like a checklist.
    It details what it wants President Trump and Congress to do first, in terms of rolling back regulations. Congress and President Trump started to move through the list this past week.

    –Congress Approved this repeal this past week

    –House has approved this repeal, awaiting Senate action

    –President Trump executive order issued Friday on this



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  2. Ideas from others:
    This one contains Koch products to avoid:

    I’m thinking that it will take a gigantic increase in support to judicial watchers and environmental groups to counteract the wealth and wiles of these men.



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