I need to know when the pitchers and catchers are starting up again. When is the equipment truck leaving for Florida? I need baseball to clear my head of the last two weeks.


What could YOU do with 300 to 400 million dollars? Probably you wouldn’t engage in deliberate environmental corruption? a 420 character 9-liner by Patty


My last spotting opportunity before flight to the Tundra.

A predator, Northern Shrike impale Chickadees on barbed wire.

As I scan treetops,

I think of the Koch brothers’ plan to spend 300-400 million in the next 2 years

“because we may not have an opportunity again like we have today. ”

So the billionaire brothers gave detailed “or-else” orders* to Congress

to allow Koch** coal ash into rivers, ETC.



* This is the actual Road to Repeal document. Congress is doing exactly what’s on this environmental-regulations-to-roll-back list given out by the Koch brothers. These billionaires are pressing President Trump and Congress to quickly reverse the regs and dirty-up the environment. Or else. )

** The Koch brothers own a conglomerate that sells hundreds of products including gasoline, jet fuel and coal.