Messages of hope need to be out there for us to grab onto & grow strong;

the Paris Agreement is one such.

Despite the urgings of Mr Trump & Myron Ebell,

our country cannot roll back its support.

This music video from 1 Million Women

calls for women around the world to speak up about climate change & hope–

to work to maintain & enhance climate policies

that will keep Earth from over-heating more.

I need hope messages.


This may help me motor up and over the likes of Myron Ebell and his boss, Mr. Trump (the White House web calls him Mr so I will too. It makes it all less scary):

KEEP IN MIND: This is what we’re up against:

I am keeping my eye out for constructive tasks that will work. One organization to look up and perhaps join: This is a  community-based organization whose aim is to uplift local solutions to issues of water, food, land, and climate change by providing women with training, resources, and advocacy support.


6 thoughts on “I have a voice to raise and shoulders to put to the wheel & will work for climate action to mitigate the effect of Mr. Trump and his scrum of climate deniers. (a 420-character 9-line poem with music)

  1. Dear Reader
    So I’m researching two things: sites that vet and serve as a clearing house for actions plus groups and actions that immediately resonate with me. Heifer’s Biogas stoves project is an example. 1000 dollars buys biogas stoves for a village in Africa (rural, coal-smogged America?), sets up and trains the people as to how to maintain and work them, leaving trees and time for work that satisfies. Another: MPowered makes a solar light that allows a people with limited power to work and study at night. It’s the political, legal, sandals on the ground (I had written “boots on the ground,” but I’m trying not to fall into the military language) actions that I’m seeking at the immediate moment.


  2. It is getting harder and harder to feel comfortable with the president and his cabinet….
    Our planet is in trouble if we do not sit up and take notice. Thanks for your blog and poems that do exactly that.


  3. Reblogged this on Astronomy Topic Of The Day and commented:
    Although Myron Ebell was sidestepped in favor of Scott Pruitt, a climate-science denier who has made it his professional mission to shutdown the EPA with a parade of lawsuits filed in his capacity as the OK AG, the remainder of this post is spot on!


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