Fidgety I am on this go-to-the-March day.

Unsettled as the web pages I read disappear from the White House website.

Will he nix what makes the world safe & secure for his & my grandchildren?

Does he think about such?

Er, I KNOW he doesn’t know my kids

(his loss that’s for sure)

but surely he thinks about where HIS will live if Manhatten submerges?

I bonded with the Golden Crowned Kinglet just now:

he too is fidgety.


(More words from me, Patty. See below for lovely pictures of Golden Crowned Kinglets in a poses that matched the one flitting and resting overhead as I walked Doug’s dog; his name, ironically, is BARAK and this was inauguration day; and I was rueing it and all that had lead up to it except that we were in the throes at that moment of orderly transitioning, a tenet of our great country of which I am proud and which Mr. Trump ((this is how he refers to himself on the White House website so I will too)) denigrated during the campaign.)

One thought on “Golden Crowned Kinglets are fidgety and fiesty like I am on this day-after-the-inauguration. Happy that we had a smooth transition, but worried sick about the rest. (420 character 9-liner)

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