Golden Crowned Kinglets are fidgety and fiesty like I am on this day-after-the-inauguration. Happy that we had a smooth transition, but worried sick about the rest. (420 character 9-liner)

Fidgety I am on this go-to-the-March day.

Unsettled as the web pages I read disappear from the White House website.

Will he nix what makes the world safe & secure for his & my grandchildren?

Does he think about such?

Er, I KNOW he doesn’t know my kids

(his loss that’s for sure)

but surely he thinks about where HIS will live if Manhatten submerges?

I bonded with the Golden Crowned Kinglet just now:

he too is fidgety.


(More words from me, Patty. See below for lovely pictures of Golden Crowned Kinglets in a poses that matched the one flitting and resting overhead as I walked Doug’s dog; his name, ironically, is BARAK and this was inauguration day; and I was rueing it and all that had lead up to it except that we were in the throes at that moment of orderly transitioning, a tenet of our great country of which I am proud and which Mr. Trump ((this is how he refers to himself on the White House website so I will too)) denigrated during the campaign.)

I’m on my way to a march but need to say this: is the removal of the climate page from the White House website akin to Ronnie’s taking the Solar Panels off the roof as soon as Jimmy was gone?

And look where that’s gotten us: Polar Ice caps melting at a faster pace than anyone had figured. Published on Nov 3, 2016

A time-lapse animation has been released by NASA showing how the Arctic sea ice has changed over the past 30 years.



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