(I hope President-Elect Donald Trump listened and that President Obama’s words inspire the better angels that hover ’round him to hold sway.)

5 thoughts on “Hope-Monger In-Chief. Thank you, President Obama. Please listen and be inspired, Mr. President-Elect.

    1. At the march today I saw lots of signs our Hope-Monger would have chuckled at. One of them was “We are not ovary-acting.” Another was: I am no longer accepting the things I can’t change. I will be changing the things I can’t accept.
      I think Mr. Obama would approve.


  1. I cried during the speech. But it was more out of despair for what we’re about to endure for the next 4 years. This president who was so insulted, so reviled, kept his cool in the face of adversity and always had a lot of class, as sid his family. Now what do we get? The Orange Man! The opposite of Obama! No class, doesn’t keep his cool, he’s a liar and a narcissistic bully. I just became overcome. with sadness that Obama is leaving office.


    1. I went to a march today. Surrounded by a few thousand like-minded folk, I began to get a grip. I want to see where I can put my shoulder to the wheel. I want to inundate the lawmakers so that they do the right thing. I want to make it hard for the people in charge of me now to wreck the Earth. I want to keep track. I will not keep silent, but I will try to be deliberate and wise and useful. It isn’t about reiterating what’s happened, but figuring out what to do now. The ox is in the darn ditch. Let’s deal with it.


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