3 thoughts on “420 character family sketch with a not-so-hidden agenda by Patty

  1. I’m beginning to get how to do their dear, sweet faces. Perhaps they’re not looking as much like those 18th Century portraits where the kids are miniature versions of their parents.
    Happy Year, dear lady.


  2. PS to reply to Morgan
    Sighting the Snow Buntings on the cornfield up the street was a thrill. Since they are the color of the white snow, old corn stalks, and dirt they’re hard to spot when they’re grazing the frozen manure for seed. What you do is watch for a magic carpet of them that goes up in the air and settles on another section of the field. They’re sometimes called snowflake birds because of this swirl and settle behavior. (Hmmm. Swirl and settle. I could use this in another 420. Where’s my notebook?)


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