It’s almost dawn. I hear the wind, see the occasional flicker of headlights.


I’m still, no more is needed right now. But the rhythm of the day ahead will be whatever I choose to make it.

There’s time for Everything. And never enough time for Everything.



Elizabeth Gilbert went searching for Everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia. She siphoned her savings to downward dog in Bali.



I’m finding my enlightenment closer to home, listening to the intimate and hypnotic voice of Eckhart Tolle enthuse about inner peace and greater fulfillment in life.



It’s a Robert-Frosty morning, made for cultivating wonder, a brilliant jewel of a moment. Sun’s up and birds at the feeder look like they’ve got a game of five-card stud going.

All my dithering at the window is not a waste of time.  Far from it. The reflective Mr. Robert Zimmerman confirms this.


It’s not dark yet / But iiiit’s gettin’ there.

The best is not yet to come.  It’s Here. It’s Now. The Present Moment is all we’ve got.  So, go on, dither.


I plan to do just that.  This New Year’s Eve, toast along with me.

May it always be like this, and maybe sometimes even better.


Toni 12/30/16

Want to toast in Italian? Of course you do.  Sempre cosi e qualche volte più meglio.

Links to Eckhart and The Two Bobs:

Eckhart Tolle

Robert Frost

Bob Dylan

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