I don’t want to reinforce tribalistic commitments

or go around with a safety pin–unless everyone American wears one–

or even fixate on the safe-spaces issue.

I don’t want to fume about identities;

I want to fume, er, talk, about ideas.

Now, if things get rough I’ll  revisit the safe spaces

as in the squares and circles earthquake system in Mexico City.

But for now? It’s divergent thinking not decibels that

I want.


Notes and Caveats from Patty that don’t fit into the tempo of my 420 character, 9-liner for today, an explanation of the asterisks.

“Let’s muck around with real (plus civil and contested) conversation about how to go about the business of being great Americans; let’s diminish the self-affirming non-talk. Let’s make it safer* but not in the sense of those green squares and circles in Mexico City**”

*green rectangles and circles painted on sidewalks in Mexico City are meeting points after mass evacuations during emergencies like earthquakes. They differ in size (window fan-size to trampoline-sized) and each has 4 white arrows directed toward a white dot in the center.

** I started drafting this on December 1st because I thought it fitting to mark the start of meteorological winter with its gradual cooling of temperatures which then led me to thinking about the post-election situation, hoping it wouldn’t be the start of a winter with no end, but also hoping that cool heads will prevail and guide us safely, not blow up the world or contribute to its irreversible warming.

Yes. Yes. I see it too. I sound bleak. I resolve to take my own advise.

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