One of the kids just had a Snow Day,

the serendipity of a work worry lull.

I need a lull from post-election worry.

A metaphorical Snow Day in order to move forward in a constructive manner.

Mayhap I’ll focus on my favorite topic, science:

Birds (disappearing). The Arctic (melting). Earthquakes (swarming).

Fires (disease & drought). Climate (irregularities).

Oops, back full-circle to a President-Elect.

He’s the one.


More info (that doesn’t fit into the theme or character count of today’s 420):

In case you go to this, my favorite weather predicting site,, here is a list of the acronyms they use to explain their weather forecasts. It’s great fun,  good writing, and they’ve been successfully predicting delays, late-openings, and No School since 2010. (I’m not sure about their election predictions. Ah. I can see that my ability to stay away from the topic is weak. It’s got the strength of an AC or a MSE.

GSD — Greylocksnowday
AC — Alberta clipper
DATTATOTS — Disagreement about the track and timing of the storm
MSE — Major Snow Event
MP — Mixed Precipitation
NOAA — National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NWS — National Weather Service
TWC — The Weather Channel
VB — the Village Beautiful
WSW — Winter Storm Watch or Warning
WWA — Winter Weather Advisory

3 thoughts on “# Throwback Thursday: GreylockSnowDay. Distractions from Post-Election Worry. Science as an antidote, all in a 420-character, 9-line poem by Patty.

  1. It’s Patty here, dear readers. WordPress, in all their wisdom, places related, earlier blogposts below any new post by Toni or myself. It’s like a knife in my heart (violent metaphor used by Miriam, my mother to describe aberrant behavior) to read what I was writing before my Post-Election Worry became such.


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