Lignum Draco, a street photographer in Australia  offers this week’s challenge: Share a photo that features H2O, the element of water.

A few years ago I visited Trapani. I still dream about the caldo freddo.



The velvety dark-chocolate topping slowly melts through layers of sweet cream to the coffee and hazelnut gelato underneath. At the bottom of all this, in the underbelly of the bowl, is rum-soaked cake. The generous-sized dish is topped with chopped hazelnuts. And it’s available day and night.

But Trapani is not just about the caldo freddo.  It’s about l’acqua.  The Tyrrhenian Sea spills around the rugged coastline of Sicily’s western edge, deep blue-green and as pristine as the South Pacific.




Nature is the art of God. – Dante Alighieri

Toni 10/9/16



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