Politics. Polo on the beach @ the Del Coronado

made me think about a fun ad

where Big Papi lounges poolside w/ his Dunkin’ iced latte,

nonchalantly replying “polo” after Rob (the eyes-shut Patriot)

calls “Marco” which makes me think of Marco Polo

& how his detailed chronicles and maps dictated to a cellmate

inspired explorers not to flounder in uncharted waters

which takes me back to the polo pony scrum.

& Politics.


2 thoughts on “Marco! Polo! Big Papi! Dunkin’s Lattes! (And, how could I NOT continue to obsess about it: Politics!)

  1. There’s never going to be another David Ortiz and so I’m loving this Papipalooza weekend at Fenway–I’m viewing it all from afar, but supporting the team by eating lots of Fenway Fudge Ice Cream (well, it no longer is “ice cream” because of some new regulation, but it’s terrific fan food).

    I admit that this 420 is a bit stream-of-conscious but I’ve been influenced by the pretender who shared the stage (I won’t use the word debated with because that would assume that there was an exchange of ideas) with Secretary Clinton.

    Still, the resonating idea is that without Marco Polo’s careful charts many would have floundered. I worry about our country floundering. Marco!!



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