The sounds of my era , the 60’s, were mostly about good and bad romance.

That’s not to say 60s music wasn’t ever serious.   It didn’t shy away from civil rights, Vietnam, women’s lib or the environment.

But gone are those dusty singles and vinyl albums.  Now I listen to oldies radio on SiriusXM and make my own stations on Spotify.

And I do love the current crop of films and podcasts, ideal places for sussing out new voices. When the credits roll, I’m all ears eyes. Like at the end of this movie, The Confirmation.



It’s a gentle gem of a movie, true to small-town America and the people who do the best they can when they fall on hard times.



Clive Owen is Walt, a down-on-his luck carpenter. Unemployed and locked out of his own house, he’s in charge of his eight-year-old son, Anthony, while Anthony’s mom and her new husband are away.


But when Walt’s prized toolbox is stolen, a quiet father/son weekend turns into a wildly funny and sprawling search for the thieves.


It’s a warm turn-the-other-cheek kind of tale with a soul-shearing score.


I’m a fan of Gillian Welch and recognized her quiet-yet-stoic voice singing Wrecking Ball and Everything is Free.


But I had to google Jim Byrnes.  Turns out, he’s a musician who croons, drawls, belts, hollers and sweet-talks better than most. Think Louis Armstrong meets Tom Waits, with an amen-astonishing life story to boot.

In the film, the song I Need a Change offers a bluesy spiritual shoring-up. What are the blues about, if not moving on and moving forward? Byrnes begins by describing his early innocence, when “love was a virtue time could not destroy.” However, he realizes that since then, “something’s gone wrong”.

Lord, I need a change – a change in the way I am living, a different way to feel. A change in the way I perceive this old world, oh, I need something that’s real.

Killer slide guitar.

Sumptuous material.

Soul-tugging vocals.

What a find.

So, what’s new between your earbuds?


Toni 9/1/16