WE SPOTTED A SPOTTED SANDPIPER IN PEOPLE’S STATE FOREST RECENTLY. I’M GRATEFUL TO THIS SPECIES FOR HAVING EASILY DISTINGUISHABLE PLUMAGE (RICHLY SPOTTED), TEETERING GAIT (LOOKS LIKE ME DANCING AT DOUG AND TALY’S WEDDING), STUTTERING WINGBEATS, ETC. But it’s their mating routines that rivet. Mom has several mates, several nests, lays eggs in them all, keeps the enemies away, and Dad sits on the eggs, hatches them and sees them off into the world.




#Throwback Thursday entry? Well, in a way. We women do go a long ways back. Are we a throwback? Er, perhaps not the best term, but let’s go with it.

(Note from Patty as she figures out how to hit the PUBLISH button on a #Throwback Thursday!)

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