A mother’s love is an unrivaled force of nature. She cares about you and, yes, your “unmentionables”.



It’s time to celebrate.

 Here’s one way.

Be edgy.



How else to mark the day, you ask?

Dress to impress, of course.



Risky Business opened in theaters in 1983.

Talk about mother love.

Just use your best judgement, Joel. We trust you.    ~Mrs. Goodsen


Toni 8/9/16

*This post experienced a slight delay.  The holiday is actually August 5, on the very same date Risky Business came out.

2 thoughts on “Does Your Mother Warn You To Always Wear Clean Underwear? So, Do It. Wear a Fresh Pair. It’s #NationalUnderwearDay. *

  1. The reason to wear clean underwear was to make a good impression at the hospital if you got into a traffic accident. As a kid I took extra care crossing the street. Still do. Which represents a more than marginal reduction in my laundry bill.


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