3 thoughts on “I think Louisa would like these trumpet vines. I loved her hollyhocks that always seemed to tower over me as I hid amongst their lanky stems and double blossoms. She would sit and admire them, something I catch myself doing with these trumpets.

  1. Louisa and Frank loved each other. Even as a clueless little kid I could see it. I would sit at their round dining room table, Louisa’s easel set up on one part, Frank’s Bible (he was a Christian Scientist and seemed to study up quite a bit) and Frank seated at another spot and then there would be me or me and Linda or perhaps Jimmy too. (I don’t know where Ruth Ann, Barbara, Bobby, or Susie were at this point. ) We ate vanilla cookies and milk. When Frank was the Sheriff of Essex County they lived at the jail where Louisa would have the help of the trustees. I remember getting picked up for ballet lessons by Louisa and a trustee. But outside the window of both the jail kitchen and the post-jail house would be those hollyhocks.


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