Hope is not a strategy.  America needs to build a passage through the darkness and the mist.


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

Toni 7/11/16

2 thoughts on ““The community needs the police and the police need the community. We are one and the same. We have a 50/50 partnership and we have to sit at the table to see what is the best way forward.” Dallas Police Deputy Chief Malik Aziz recognizes the ties between us.

  1. I’ve been in law enforcement for over ten years, and I always believe the community you serve can be your best back up or your worse enemy. Going from policing in Maryland to policing in Vermont has been a huge adjustment, but here in Vermont I can actually be more of a community officer than having to worry about always giving tickets and just having the best stats. It has worked for me since coming here and friendships have formed because of it and others got my back due to a mutual understanding we have.


  2. It is going to be a long hard road since guns and violence seem to be the way of life in the USA, from the movies to the video games and ending with the culture of “I have a right to carry a gun”. How can mindsets like that ever be changed?

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