My California kids are finishing their find-all-the-signers of the Declaration of Independence project this summer.

Lydia and Chloe research each signer, find his burial site, compose then recite a thank-you-for-standing-up-and-being-counted speech, and place a flag near the headstone. All with the help of their parents of course since it’s taken a few years and the signers are all over the map. Literally. (Some of the signers live in outposts of the original 13 colonies, not all are as easily located as the Boston and Philadelphia guys.)

I’m proud of them. (And the signers, all 56: John Adams, Samuel Adams, Josiah Bartlett, Carter Braxton, Charles Carroll, Samuel Chase, Abraham Clark, George Clymer, William Ellery, William Floyd, Benjamin Franklin, Elbridge Gerry, Button Gwinnett, John Hancock, Lyman Hall, Benjamin Harrison, John Hart,Joseph Hewes, Thomas Hayward Jr, William Hooper, Stephen Hopkins, Francis Hopkinson, Samuel Huntington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lewis, Philip Livingston, Thomas Lynch Jr, Thomas McKean, Arthur Middleton, Lewis Morris, Robert Morris, John Morton, Thomas Nelson Jr, William Paca, John Penn, Robert Treat Paine, George Read, Caesar Rodney, George Ross, Benjamin Rush, Edward Rutledge, Roger Sherman, James Smith, Richard Stockton,  Thomas Stone, George Taylor, Charles Thomson, Matthew Thornton, George Walton, William Whipple, William Williams, James Wilson, John Witherspoon, Oliver Wolcott, George Wythe.) Take you a long time to read the list? Just think about the impact of finding these guys on these two kids.

john adams