In Italy, everyone loves pasta, il primo piatto.  North, south, rich, poor, it’s a shared gastronomical religion.  Each region stakes its claim to a distinctive design. ( I know, I’ve tried them all.)  When I stayed in Trappani, I devoured the local handmade pasta called busiate, Sicily’s most famous pasta lunga. Knobs of dough are formed into ropes and rolled around a ferretto, or thin iron rod, something like a knitting needle.

image image


The curves hold the pesto Trapanese, one of Sicily’s traditional sauces, that soars with the flavors of garlic, basil, and almonds.

busiate trapanesi con pesto ai capperi

In Sicily, point your car in any direction and you’ll find pasta, it’s such a part of Sicilian life.   As I hiked across the island, I read through Andrea Camilleri’s mystery series. His fictional detective, the astute Montalbano, is always in a state of silent ecstasy while enjoying a dish of busiate.

Sound marvelous?  It is.


What’s your favorite pasta?

Toni 6/24/16


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