Happy Birthday, Vespa.


Italy marries style and function like no other country I have ever visited.

Think about the coffee, the markets, the meals.  The art, the language, the pasta. Balsamic vinegars, ceramics, gelato. The exquisite fashion, olive oils, wines, and, naturalmente, cars and motorcycles.


Who doesn’t love a Vespa?   Iconic and everywhere, it’s a cult classic with sporting flair.


vespa3Aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio disliked motorcycles (they’re inconvenient, bulky and it’s difficult to change a tire).

Inspired by his experience with airplanes, he designed the Vespa’s driving position based on the drawing of a man sitting comfortably in an armchair.

It has a virtually indestructible motor, a spare tire, a shield that protects legs from the wind and rain. And there’s plenty of room for people and things.


It looks like a wasp!

Italians swoon over its shape and the sound of the engine.


The 1953 movie Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, made the Vespa famous around the world.

Vespa 98 1946

Today, seventy years after the first model was launched, the Vespa continues to charm.

Vespa rides the roads of every continent.

And she looks better than ever. Tuk-tuk.

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Toni 5/12/16












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