I really like the feel-good sports stories, like Alex Ortiz singing the National Anthem:

But the follow-up to my earlier blog this morning does tickle me.

Someone got onto Wikipedia and put jokes up on Umpire Kulpa’s page. Not me not mea culpa. But, I do think Ron Kulpa, the home plate ump, was having trouble with his strike zone last night at this always hot under the collar Sox-Yankee game. Perhaps he should say mea culpa.

The Sox had the bases loaded with one out in the ninth. It turned into a big mess with the ump making what I think was at least one bad call and another close call. Big Papi got very mad and I wish I hadn’t seen it. He got tossed as did the manager.

Read more at: http://nesn.com/2016/05/red-sox-notes-david-ortiz-climbs-mlb-home-run-list-ejected-in-loss-to-yankees/

Read more at: http://nesn.com/2016/05/umpire-who-ejected-david-ortiz-in-red-sox-yankees-has-wikipedia-page-edited/)

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