It’s a good thing Angela M.

(girl, what were you thinking,

prosecuting a kid who pokes fun at the Turkish president?)

wasn’t in my backyard w/ Erdogan when (MY local comedian)

our backyard’s Cardinal started joking,

um,warning off his rivals w/ singing.

& the physical attack on journalists in D.C. by the Turkish President’s heavies?

Does he not know free countries are at least supposed to try for such?

Not a good thing.


Germany’s Merkel OKs possible prosecution of comic for insulting Turkey’s Erdogan

By Don Melvin, CNN
Updated 2:19 PM ET, Fri April 15, 2016

By Don Melvin, CNN

One thought on “I don’t like it when we beat up the people who explain what they think is going on, like journalists and comedians; no thinking person expects them to be omniscient. A Revised 420.

  1. Thanks for keeping a focus on liberty and politics around the world…. Even our nation’s allies transgress and we need to be aware of that.


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