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11 thoughts on “Contest: These are real time, April 3rd pictures of the five corners of my world. Can you guess where they are? Hint Florida isn’t one of them.

    1. Sorry, I didn’t read your whole answer!! The walled-in yard picture is about 90 miles Northwest of Palm Springs, right outside of LA proper, in fact a bit Northeast of LA but within the County. The rest are elsewhere in the country.

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  1. Lovely pictures and the closest I could guess using the last image is the US Southwest, either southern Cal, too green and mountainous to be LA, maybe mid to northern Arizona; again, too green to be Tucson. Beautiful pics & lovely post just the same.


    1. I haven’t given enough information based on the feedback from our 3000 plus followers!! I do mean corners of the country;literally, as dear Joe says; so widen the geographical lens. Yes. SoCal is one of them–the one with the walled-in yard with San Gabriel MTS in background. But! the rest are elsewhere in the US.


  2. Love the pics …..but not having traveled much beyond my backyard I would not know where to begin to guess those five corners of your world…. Do tell us homebodies at some point where these lovely places are.


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