beverly_cl_amhill_custom-b097d453dc478dc87adc8306257bfe25ed697243-s900-c85Guess who is turning 100 in April? The girl from Yamhill, that’s who.

This A-list author has inspired readers and writers since she first put pen to paper.



Have you read Beverly Cleary’s “First Love” series? There are four books: Fifteen (1956); The Luckiest Girl (1958); Jean and Johnny (1959); and Sister of the Bride (1963). They deal with ‘first love’ and ‘coming of age’.  Get a copy or three. They give you a sense of what teens (like some of us) used to read and how they navigated life in a gentler time. Landslides of nostaglia. And still in print.


And, then, of course, there are her standing-ovation getters ~Ramona, Ralph, Beezus, Henry, Ribsy, Maggie, Socks, Ellen, Otis.  Cleary’s glitterati, still going strong, not a sissy in the bunch.

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I feel sometimes that in children’s books there are more and more grim problems, but I don’t know that I want to burden third- and fourth-graders with them.

I’m glad she didn’t.  Cleary saw the world through a child’s eyes and wrapped a comforting arm around their shoulders.  Perfect strokes for little folks.

Toni 3/31/16

7 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

      1. I lovelovelove this book and all its iterations. The first edition got our family doing nightly readalouds. We stopped when the last kid (4 of them) left for college. It was Ambrose’s D-Day. (That read aloud habit? It makes a great college essay.)


    1. I love this post that Toni did. Love it. And you’re right about that you need to have a list or even an actual pile of books to read to the kids. No slip between the cup and the lip as far as one night to the next. (I used to say we need to chain smoke the books but someone took me aside at one of my talks and said it wasn’t politically correct, but you get my meaning.)


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