Aerie shape

depends on the branch point where it’s built.

This one at the Saville Dam is bowl-shaped

because the tree trunk branches off into smaller upright branches

and so too the nurturing of the babies that will issue forth.

Bald Eagle parents are amazing.

Their kids grow up to be National Symbols.

Not so the sets of brothers who grow up to be terrorists.

Why? Were their nests too unstable, too unlike this Aerie?


LIST OF BROTHERS (so far & so sad)

6 of the hijackers.* The Tsarnaevs**. The Kouachis.*** Bakraouis**** 25 to 30%*****


**Boston Marathon bombing

*** Charlie Hebdo

**** Brussels

*****the percentage of of terrorist acts involving members of the same family.

Counterterrorism Chief: Parents Should Watch For ‘Sudden Personality Changes’ In Children


One thought on “Mama don’t let your sons (all these brothers; brothers!!) grow up to be terrorists

  1. The sad part about those joining terrorist’s groups is that they want to belong to something, feel important and change the world. The only world you’re changing are those of innocence and yours. Most don’t understand what they’ve gotten themselves into until it’s too late. Some people are just plain evil and become Satan’s Death Squad! A sad and fearful reality. Fight or succumb?


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