Metaphor: Similar to the orange-haired candidate’s high publicity moves & mouthings,

a Woodcock’s mesmerizing sky dance attracts females

but does zilch for the resulting family.

His multiple mates are on their own.

The display: Buzzy PEENT call, wide spiral upward flight w/ wing twitter;

@ 350′ zigzags a chirping descent.

Females pour in from all around & mate.

Seems to work for the Woodcock.

Like I said, metaphor.


PS The Woodcock is also called a Labrador Twister, Night Partridge,Timberdoodle Bogsucker, and Becasee. I don’t know what to call The Donald. Keep in mind the dance of the bird reminds me of the campaign & non-substantative promises of the candidate. It doesn’t imply anything about his personal habits. (I probably don’t need to say this?)



4 thoughts on “AMERICAN WOODCOCK: WHEN I SEE ITS DANCING, I THINK SPRING!! But then darker thoughts intrude. (a 420 character 9-line juxtapositioning poem where The Donald figures in)

    1. This bird is remarkable because of its total lack of support once the flashy deed is done. A bit like the Hummingbird in this respect. I guess I could have ruined that bird’s image too. Once my juxtaposition button gets pushed there’s no accounting for what gets paired with what, meaning frequently it’s a surprise to me also. That said, I am going to try to avoid Donald 420’s for a while. It’s too disturbing.


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