Affliction of Starlings, Mob of Emu, convocation of Eagles,

Charm of Finches, pantheon of Godwits, flotilla of Gulls,

exaltation of Larks. Bird group words.

Mesmerized by a Common Merganser “mustering” (3000!),

I mused group names for Republican candidates.

What birds are they most like?

Murder of Ravens? Slurp of Sapsuckers? Confusion of Warblers?

Lamentation of Swans? Scourge of Starlings?

Or maybe just Affliction.


PS The video shows what’s called  a “murmuration” of Starlings. Thousands of them. Despite the “affliction” of Starlings when they descend on bird feeders and devour everything in sight, this murmuration thing inspires me to exaltation. (Not so with the Republican candidates however.)

PPS I was birding with Ray and Ronnie last week when I was charmed by the flottila of Common Mergansers on Lake Waramaug, a masterful mustering  responsible for the convocation of words in this 420.


6 thoughts on “Violence on the Campaign Trail. I take refuge in bird group naming and it leads me to a 420 character 9-liner. What a lark.

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