Practicing my cello forces me to concentrate (along with a host of other life skills, the least maybe being that I sometimes get better at the playing). My teachers for Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.2 in D Minor.–Harmon Steiner*, Yoyo Ma**, and Maurice Gendron***

Mischa Maisky:

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*The Maestro, my actual, in-person, teacher: his notes for how to practice a few measures are above and if I do what he gently suggests and spells out and demonstrates? It works.

** no explanation needed

***cellist on the first recording

5 thoughts on “Learning to be a cellist teaches me concentration: My teachers for this piece–Harmon Steiner*, Yoyo Ma**, and Maurice Gendron*** help me live with the Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.2 in D Minor.

  1. Please note that I wrote earlier about learning the Bach in D MAJOR; now it’s D MINOR. As of this morning I’m realizing that the minor part is throwing off my sense of what E and G sound like in first position on the D string. First position!!


  2. Oh Patty, Harmon has it all covered. The drone. The tuner. Take everything out of the case…tonight, haha. Results WILL come with time but a lot of it has been used up since Mrs. B. days.
    Limit expectations? You were born aiming high, that’s why you are so amazing. Love that Harmon, his unflagging good humor and bottomless bag of tricks. Got enough crayons? Toni


    1. I reread Harmon’s notes to me; it’s very calming. Calming? I ask myself. Yes, because he’s a build it and it will come sort of teacher. (movie reference, Toni?) He expects that I’ll progress. And bottomless is his bag of tricks.


  3. I do enjoy this writing collective blog and in this piece could hear the sound of the cello playing, even thou I can’t read music. Using your ears to hear, not your eyes to look resonates for me in telling stories too! Thank you.

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