In 1893, four young men in Newton, Iowa invested $600 apiece to start the Maytag Company, a farming equipment manufacturing business.



They added washing machines in 1907.

By 1925, Frederick Louis Maytag and his partners were proudly listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange.


During World War II, Maytag suspended the manufacture of washing machines but, luckily, my parents nabbed one in anticipation of diapers-to-come.


Thanks, Fred.




Remember the Lonely Guy?

Toni 3/10/16

2 thoughts on “DID SOMEONE SAY #TBT?

  1. Fantastic advert. Great post. Gone are the days …
    How I loved my first washing machine – a Hoover twin tub … Here in Oz each machine lasts for less and less time with each new model.
    But hey, I’m grateful to have lived this long myself! Cheers Meg

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