Warren Buffett says we’re not going to hell in a hand basket. So there. We’re not headed to an abyss.



Super Tuesday. Sick is probably how Scott Kelly felt as he took the 250 mile trip back to earth from the Space Station at 17,000 miles an hour. A 420 character 9-liner that juxtaposes both.

Highs & Lows. Irony. During Super Tuesday evening

I juxtaposed the HIGH of Astronaut Scott Kelly’s (& Mikhail Kornienko)

return w/ the LOW of a

let’s-jettison-all-civility-courage-&-(why-not)-integrity primary.

No mounting up w/ wings of eagles* for many in this cadre

& their coterie of monied support.

We’re a people in danger of dedocking, burning & plummeting

if wise heads don’t prevail

& aim, like Mr. Kelly: HIGH.



I listened first to such as this from NASA

“Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov undocked from the station at 8:02 p.m. EST to begin their voyage home. Volkov, the Soyuz commander, is at the controls of the Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft. They will perform a separation burn to increase the distance from the station before executing a 4-minute, 49-second deorbit burn at 10:32 p.m. The crew is scheduled to land at 11:25 p.m. southeast of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.”


and then this: (gosh darn it, I don’t want to put youTubes of the speeches here; lots are available; just google it.

*Thanks to Isaiah

An intro to Scott Kelly’s adventure: