A lesson and little joke from 1500′ UP: “What did you do today, honey?” “Oh just changed a lightbulb.” (a 420 character, 9-liner)

A beacon. I am awed by this

gone-viral-NYC-drone- film-festival-2016-official-selection-youTube;

but after the WOW! something still tugs my mind & heart

like a flashlight scan of a dark woods shadow.

The new WOW:

Spent bulbs need replacing to better navigate tricky waters & airways;

to see a task at hand; to do what needs doing w/ wisdom & skill.

That’s what our country needs for our next leader:

to be like a beacon.



Tower Climber, Kevin Schmidt climbs a 1500 foot high antenna in Salem, South Dakota to change the light bulb. This massive climb was filmed by YouTube user and film-maker Prairie Aerial.



Ben H says that every photo we take says something about our emotions at the moment of taking it. So this week, he invites us to share an image where we see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what we feel as we press that shutter button.

Toni  2/26/16

Remember that high school game of pig pile? Well, that was the feeling I had watching Marco and Ted team up on Trump. Taunting Time not Serious Debate. I did love seeing George H. tho’ (a bewildered 420 character 9-liner)



I admit it,

I sometimes tried for order during a playground brawl with that appellation.

(Really, Patty? And that worked for you?)

I had the urge to nudge Mr Blitzer aside & use it last night.

A Cruz-Rubio lambasting-lacerating-pile-on-last-chance-showdown-attack,

a not-debate raged in hammer, tongs & decibels, not measured & explained ideas,

dogma not substance, most important issues not even brooked.