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Figuring it out.

Delegate math (not in Bernie’s favor; when he sees it won’t add up for him,

I hope he urges his supporters to support Hillary).

Cash advantages algebra (Donald plus Ted. Subtract Jeb! X equals?).

Metrics of the Supreme Court battle (w/ the subtraction of Justice Scalia).

Remainders from the Mary/Edith showdown?

& then we have this guy:

methodically, kindly, using words not decibels.

Figuring it out.


Frequently when I listen to Climate Deniers, etc. I feel like I’m watching an old Abbott and Costello comedy routine:

As Cruz and Rubio do the numbers in Nevada I realize again that math is used to try to express (sometimes dignify?) and solve many of our hard problems.  I see I have a good example of how to figure out the hard stuff right in front of me. (a 420 character, 9-line poem)

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