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A little tiff early in their marriage. Phone number 2811 was Sumner’s law office. You had to tell the operator.


This note looks like it was written at 8:15 PM. I’m wondering if Sumner wrote it before dashing out for a pint Miriam’s favorite ice-cream, a toffee ice cream with toffee-centered chocolate-covered candy bar bits, which may have been what they called Butter Brickle. It was off-limits for us kids, but we’d scrape remnants out of the little tub in the morning. I’m thinking it tasted of today’s Heath bars?

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5 thoughts on “#TBT (Throwback Thursday) This is how it was for them in 1942. Real love notes from Sumner to Miriam. (Hindsight says it should maybe have been “love not” (the love note itself having been written on a brown shopping bag and vulnerable (very) to further diminishment.

  1. I just remembered another detail about these notes. I found them tied with ribbon in the Governor Winthrop desk in our parlor when my 6 brothers and sisters gathered to empty the house after my mother died. Over the years I’ve tried to puzzle this out. More to unearth.


    1. My sisters and I are struck by the story behind the saving of the notes. I feel driven to know it. I could make it up, but want to dig a little deeper to get at enough details to at the least be able to call it memoir. 🙂


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