4 thoughts on “I saw an owl like this today. It was breathtaking. And it allowed me to ponder other than politics.

    1. We were standing on a small bluff at the edge of Long Island Sound. Suddenly we spied the hoped-for object of our desire, the Snowy, winging its way probably from right below us on the cliff with strong, steady wing flaps to the jetty opposite. If you notice, the youtubes are of the handsome guy or gal in repose, not flying. It must be hard to catch it in flight. So this was a treat, witnessing the majesty of the Snowy Owl in flight.(I’ll have to check with Marie, one of the birders in our little group, to see if she was able to take a video…Stay tuned.)

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      1. These must be some of the most beautiful birds to be seen, they are amazing with their expressive eyes and majestic wings. I will be on the look out for more pics and videos! Thank you! Holly


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