Chilling is the reckless talk by Republican contenders

(bombast frosted w/ slurs: build walls, carpet bomb ’em, it’s ok to waterboard.)

This campaign makes me shiver;

and, like the wind chill factor over this weekend

that’s sucking the heat from my body (-6 is really -30)

while it’s scary,

it does quantify the difference between the apparent & the real:

“Just Politics” is just really plain bad, dangerous

& chilling.




PPS  And just in case you’ve just started to pay attention, here’s the entire field:

8 thoughts on “Wind chill factor and Bush, Carson, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and Trump. It’s all so, so, well, DANGEROUS. (a 420 character 9 liner)

  1. I just picture the stage when there were about 12 of them running. A collection of liars, blowhards and phonies. It’s just unfathomable that one of those clowns could become president.


    1. I think it’s going to be very important for everyone who backed either Sen. Sanders or Sec. Clinton be prepared to campaign for whichever one gets the nomination. Otherwise I do think a Republican will win. This current Supreme Court vacancy underscores the importance of having a Democrat in the White House.
      PS sorry to be so blatant in showing my leanings, dear readers. But perhaps I’ve blown my cover already.

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      1. This election will be one of the most pivotal in the last 100 years. I have never campaigned for any president and consider myself an Independent but will be campaigning for Bernie Sanders, not because he’s an Independent but because he is the only one who is presidential; moreover, he is the only one who is rational and of sound mind. I believe Hillary is in league with powerful special interests and isn’t being honest and their opponents (Trump, Cruz, Carson, Rubio and the rest of them) are an international embarrassment. That they have gotten this far and that one individual in particular has managed to maintain his appeal is what scares me the most; that speaks to the intellectual and moral depravity of the electorate.

        I remember JFK; what a great president he was! I was eight years old that day in 1963 when he was taken from us and cried the whole day, a day forever be seared in my memory. I cried, I think, because in my soul I realized that we had lost our innocence as a nation, that the evil and treachery that exists in the world can reach out and snuff the life from a great man, a man of stature, conviction and honesty, one whose character lives on to this day, a president of this great country.

        If we don’t solve some of the pressing issues facing us today (and this is where I think science has to be a priority for the next president:, we won’t survive in the long term and in 50 years this nation will be a third-world backwater. Oh, how Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address resonates right about now! Quite ironically, I might point out, the Gettysburg Address was delivered almost *exactly* 100 years to the day (3 days difference) prior to that fateful November day in 1963, November 22nd, to be exact; the Gettysburg Address was delivered on November 19th, 1863. At this point, I have to muse out loud, was it a cruel act of fate or just a bizarre coincidence that JFK was assassinated (as was Lincoln) for some of the very same reasons that divided the country in 1863 as it did almost exactly 100 years later?

        Even though I disagree with some aspects of his energy policy, the only choice, really, is Bernie Sanders.

        Again, a great post and please don’t apologize for showing your leanings!

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  2. I agree with every word written here–both in the post and in the comments–but from the other side. 🙂

    In all honesty…Republican (my party), Democrat, Liberal…. They’re all a bunch of kooks in my opinion.

    In the decades past (many decades) I don’t remember ever being AFRAID to vote. I found my candidates to be trustworthy, honest and completely capable of carrying my respect and keeping it safe. Not so much now.

    I don’t know if my ever expanding age and maturity is the cause of this mistrust (once burned and all) or, if that mistrust can instead be attributed to the baffoonery I am witness to on every side.

    There isn’t one–no, not one–candidate (from any party) I WANT to vote for in this election. That won’t stop me, in the end, from voting…but, it sure is going to make it harder to decide which evil is the least evil.

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  3. I come a family of both Republicans and Democrats. My uncles were leaders in the Republican party(one a state senator in the 70s). He would be devastated by what the Republican party has becomes. I myself am worried that they are no longer a viable party. They are one of our two major parties. If we have one that is this dysfunctional, I think that it is going to hurt our country and the people who live here.

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    1. I remember my father going as part of the Massachusetts delegation to the Republican convention for Ike. (My mother packed his shirts in his trial bag; why this is what I take from this event I don’t know!!)
      But this is to concur with you; my parents were old-style Republicans, moderate and compassionate.Eager to make deals and move the country along.


    2. When I think of two great presidents from bygone eras, from both parties, both separated by 100 years in time, Lincoln and his party (the Republicans, so named as *the* party of Lincoln!) and JFK, a model (and quite moderate) Democrat, I wonder what their reaction would be if they were to see the state of the nation and their respective parties?


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