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YOU CAN EVEN GIVE YOURSELF (and all those little kids who do it with you?) a certificate.

Stand up and be counted, or rather, stand up, set those binoculars–or just use your naked eyes if that’s “all” (and that’s a gift, make sure) you’ve got–and take a tally of the birds in your “backyard.”  Become a Citizen Scientist. (It’s all the rage; next we can help find planets, mayhap gravitational waves. Who knows.)

Go to It’s simple. How can I say this? I participate. And I’m a bit timid around the ether and it’s tools. You’ll be surprised as to how many birds and species you’ve got that have escaped your notice up ’til now.

*Leading The Wide Awake Life

2 thoughts on “Attention to those of us who would like to lead a wider awake life: Do the Backyard Bird Count and Haluhala! You’re LTWAL.*

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